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Bring Field Day to Your


Field Day Parties utilizes the expertise of state certified Health and PE teachers to provide a memorable Field Day experience for any birthday party, celebration, or event.

Serving Northern New Jersey

Children playing in Potato Sack Relays!

About Field Day Parties

Field Day Parties was created in 2022 with a mission of providing a fun, active, and memorable way to celebrate any special occasion for children.  Our services provide party entertainment, music, and equipment for participants of all skill levels in your own backyard.  


Field Day inspired activities include relays, obstacle courses, team building challenges, along with favorites such as tug of war and parachute games. Teamwork, cooperation, and respect are the focus while children are participating. Your child’s safety is our number one priority.  We use our knowledge and expertise of state certified Health and PE teachers to create safe and engaging activities. However, we cannot promise that they won’t break a sweat!  


We are available for any occasion such as birthday parties, BBQs, and get togethers. We also provide sessions throughout the week after school and on the weekends. Book Field Day Parties for your next event and see why more families are trusting us to deliver unforgettable memories for their children and guests!

Our Experiences

As a child, one of the best days of elementary school was Field Day. There is nothing quite like the excitement and school spirit while spending the day being active with friends.  Our goal is to bring that same memorable experience to any party or event in your backyard.


Let's get moving!

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